Dear Fellow Travelers,

From a real early age I have always been fascinated with the extraordinary beauty of all this world has to offer. I love the colors, the smells and the different cultures that thrive throughout it. We are all so blessed to be given the opportunities to explore this wonderful planet together.

Running a travel tour destination company never came across my mind until after my life journeys have taken me to many parts of the world. After college in Southern California, I started my first business as a marketing company that tailored mainly to the Automotive, Banking, and Mortgage industries. From there I opened an investment company that bought and sold real estate from around the world. This allowed me to travel a lot, and awakened my eyes to see that I had a deep passion to know and learn other cultures.

I think at first I took for granted my travels and didn’t put much weight into it, until I went on my first mission trip to Morocco. It was there that I uncovered my love for people and culture! We had the opportunity to hang out with Berbers in the Middle Atlas mountains. I got to eat their delicious food and experience their authentic culture that radically opened my eyes to this tour business as something I should pursue. Through my travels, I have discovered that people are different in many ways, but at the same time we are all very similar. I encourage you to take notice when you travel to look for these difference and similarities in people. It makes your trip come alive all the more when you’re able to experience life from the eyes of the people you visit.

Our product specialists design tours that allow you to see the world’s colors; gives you opportunities to meet the people and experience their greatest land marks.  We want you, our fellow travelers to not have to worry about anything. We want to take care of every detail so you do not have to. Our tours will always have a balance of adventure while not losing sight of the importance of downtime. 

We have an expression around here, to “be Mission minded?. To be Mission Minded is to choose to do good in every moment we move forward within our cities, in our state, in our country and even to the ends of the earth. We are a destination travel tour company that wants people to experience different cultures, to love the people and make a difference when traveling. We develop our teams with like-minded people that have a passion to do good towards all humanity so that we all grow together. Mission Travel Tours is a high quality destination travel tour company that offers great cultural excursions, walking tours, family and group vacation packages in the regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. We are extremely proud that the quality of our tours has led to incredible word-of-mouth referrals and recognition. 

We can’t wait to be a part of your next adventure if you give us the opportunity.
Be Blessed
Pete Robertson
Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. John 13:34