How is Mission Travel Tours protecting their travelers' health and safety during these unprecedented times?

The health and safety of our travelers and local teams have always been our first priority. As travel begins to reopen, we have implemented a new set of standards to ensure a confident travel experience for our clients, and a safe working environment for our local teams and hotel partners.

General Traveler Questions

The easiest way to begin planning your trip is to choose which travel destination you want to go on. Fill out our reservation form and one of our Tour Destination Experts will contact within 2 business days. We are always here and ready to chat via our chat option. Or you can call us at 1-407-377-7912, and our offices are open on Mondays through Fridays from 9 – 5pm EST, and on Saturdays from 10 – 5pm EST.

Yes, we can assist with booking your flights however based on feedback from our guests and our own travel experiences, we've found that many of our travelers book their own flight using various flight booking websites. You let us know which you prefer and once your itinerary has taken shape, your Tour Destination Expert will coordinate with that team to ensure we pair it with the right airlines and routes.

When you reserve space, we'll send you a confirmation package including detailed information on how to get to and from the starting and ending points of the trip. And our guest services team is available to assist with pre- and post-tour hotel and guiding arrangements.

Currency can be exchanged at airports and banks and some hotels also offer this service. Service fees may also be applicable. It's a good idea to have some small denominations handy upon arrival. Credit Cards and cash (converted to the local currency) are easy ways to pay for food and souvenirs. ATMs are widely available in most countries and a convenient way to obtain cash. We suggest that you notify your bank to let them know that you may be using your Debit Card or Credit Card for cash advances and/or purchases in the area of your travel destination. Your bank will advise you of any applicable conversion/transaction fees.

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted in most countries. Please make sure to check with smaller vendors as the may not be equipped to handle credit card transactions.

Phoning home from another country can be expensive. All hotels will add a service charge to the cost of any phone calls you make from your room. We suggest that you contact your phone carrier to find out what international plan options are available to you while traveling. Also, there are mobile messaging APPS such as WhatsApp that will enable you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

Many hotels offer free WiFi in public areas and WiFi in rooms (often for an additional charge). Also, internet cafés are found in many cities throughout the world. Check with your mobile carrier if you can use your hot spot while traveling.

Yes, many of our travel group tours have single travelers on them, so you'll fit right in. Our travel groups tours typically consist of 4 to 12 travelers per tour. We typically have a mix of solo travelers, couples, and friends or family members traveling together. If you are like many of our guests traveling solo and prefer a room to yourself, you can speak with our Travel Destination Expert regarding the single supplements fee which is among the lowest in the industry. Our non-group itineraries are based upon double occupancy, depending on the tour you select we can accommodate you traveling solo. Please call our Travel destination expert to get more information.

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Mission Travel Tours seeks to accommodate travelers with special needs to the extent possible and consistent with the specific tour itinerary. There is no guarantee that special access needs will be accommodated in all places as certain tour features may not be accessible by wheelchair, scooter, or other special equipment required to assist mobility. Please advise your MTT Destination Expert of any special needs before booking in order to determine if reasonable accommodations are available.

If traveling with children and a triple room is needed, most hotels can accommodate two people with a rollaway or cot to accommodate the third person.

Do you want to arrange a private tour for your family, friends, or business or alumni organization? We'll be glad to help— You can fill out the customize your trip form located at the top menu bar. After you fill out the information one of our Destination Experts will get back to you within 2 business days. If you want to talk to someone sooner please call us at 1-407-377-7912 or email us at info@missiontraveltours.com with your wish list and let us come alongside you and build an unforgettable itinerary for your next vacation.

Yes, absolutely we offer discounts on tours from time to time. Like you, we like to travel well, but wisely as well, so keep your eyes out for our discounted tours. Mission Travel Tours philosophy is to find ways to offer our travelers the very best experience at the lowest possible price. We always ask ourselves, "How can we get more in this tour for the least amount of money?" We view our travelers as close friends and we do what we can to make our friends pleased.

That is fine just let our guides know the day of the event and they will offer you a range of options on our pre-planned activities.

We've got you covered. We understand that some guests are vegetarians or have a special dietary need. Before any trip, we'll send you a detailed pre-trip questionnaire. This is designed to provide us information on your expectations and any special requests or requirements you may have. In that pre-trip questionnaire, we ask you to advise us if you have any dietary restrictions, limitations, or preferences. We'll ask you to be as specific in that as possible. (For example, if you are vegetarian, let us know if that means you do not eat meat and poultry but you do eat fish, only legumes, etc.) We then pass that information along to our local guides and restaurants so that you do not have to worry about it during the trip. If you have specific concerns or questions, please call us at 1-407-377-7912 or email us at info@missiontraveltours.com. We can accommodate most dietary requests, so please do not hesitate to let us know.

We do extensive research and develop our travel tours with the mindset of excellence. We hire and use only local tour guides who are well-connected in their regions. They help create our guided tours so they have a personal interest in your satisfaction. We encourage travel guides to react to your interests and to unexpected events so each of our trips are unique. We also pay close attention to the comments of our past guests and make adjustments as needed so that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

You can review our terms and conditions for all of our published departure dates by clicking here

Passport and Visa Questions

You will need a valid passport at the time of travel but if you do not have your passport at the time of booking please be sure that you provide us with the names and birth dates of all travelers exactly as it will appear on the passports. Don't use nicknames! Differences in names or birth dates could result in having security issues or the airline preventing you from boarding your flight. Making name changes can result in the airline charging a rebooking fee of up to $300 per person.

Absolutely. Your Destination Expert will talk you through your visa options prior to travel and will provide the supporting documents you'll need to present at the airport. If necessary, we can also connect you with a trusted third-party visa service to help you overcome more challenging or time-consuming entry restrictions. We recommend visiting Passports and Visas www.passportandvisas.com

Many countries require your passport to be valid at least 6 months beyond your scheduled return date.

Payment Questions

Yes, we require a $350 deposit on all tours before 90 days of traveling. Full payment is required if you are booking within 90 days of traveling.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and wire transfers

Yes, you can use multiple cards. It is your choice to put as much as you want on each card.

Yes. Debit cards are accepted and act in the same way as credit cards. Please note that in some cases debit card limits may not be sufficient for larger payment amounts. In addition, the cash payment discount does not apply to payments made via a debit card.

Yes, you can make a payment over the phone with your Destination Expert.

Fees that are not included in the price if not otherwise mentioned are Gratuities to guides, alcohol purchases, mini bar, food outside of the meals specifically listed under your trip inclusions, travel protection premiums, excess baggage fees.

Travel Insurance Protection

Travel protection gives travelers coverage for unforeseen circumstances, from a canceled flight to a serious illness—or in rare cases, even an act of terrorism or the financial default of a travel supplier. If an illness, accident, or other covered unforeseen circumstance forces a traveler to cancel or interrupt their plans, they face two major financial losses—money invested in prepaid, non-refundable and unused payments or deposits, and medical expenses that in many instances may not be covered by health insurance.

Often a traveler will lose nonrefundable deposits and prepayments that can add up to hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars. A travel protection plan can provide trip cancellation coverage for the traveler's vacation investment—the insurance company reimburses the traveler for prepaid, non-refundable, and unused payments or deposits for a covered reason.

It reimburses for prepaid, non-refundable, unused payments or deposits if the traveler must cancel or interrupt their trip due to a covered reason.

In addition to trip cancellation and interruption, today's travel protection may also cover emergency medical expenses and emergency medical transportation, to the nearest adequate medical facility when ordered by a doctor. Reimbursement for additional accommodations, meals, and local transportation expenses incurred due to travel delays. Reimbursement for the purchase of essential items if baggage is delayed; and coverage against lost, stolen, or damaged baggage.

Many travel protection plans do not cover terrorism or only cover terrorist acts that occur on foreign soil. Travel insurance through Travel Guard Insurance can cover terrorist incidents both in the United States and abroad.

Travel insurance helps you plan that vacation package you need right now with one less worry. As America's leading travel insurance company, Travel Guard protects more than 6 million travelers each year. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance from Travel Guard to protect your travel investment. A great new benefit offered by Travel Guard is called "cancel for any work-related reason" and protects you if you are required to cancel for any work-related reason.

To speak to a Travel Guard insurance expert, call 1.800.826.5248 or visit them online www.travelguard.com

Post Travel

We absolutely love hearing about your travel adventures. Within a day of your return, we’ll be sending you our initial feedback form. This form will include some questions and ratings about your recent trip. If you prefer to discuss your trip in greater detail with one of our Client Experience team member, we can arrange a suitable time to have a phone call. We truly appreciate it when our clients leave their views on our Google review page, as it’s a fantastic way for our travelers to share their experiences and recommendations with each other.

Yes – we know that keeping the same original destination expert contact is important to you; however it may change based on the destination you choose.

That’s absolutely a YES!!! Simple reach out to one of our destination experts with what you’re looking for or desire for your next trip. After all, there are so many options to choose from… like Adventure, Cultural / Sightseeing, Faith, Family, Honeymoon & Romance, Safari, travel styles.

No worries, we know sometimes it takes time to plan for your next adventure destination spot, not to mention taking the time off work. You can simply sign up to receive our email updates link to email sign up to receive the most up to date information, travel news, specials, and new products. You can also just let us know when you’re ready to talk about your next adventure and we’ll be waiting on the other end to help you out.

Oh yes!! We would love to see how you enjoyed your amazing destination adventures. You can send the images to your destination expert or if you are on social media just upload those photos and don’t forget to tag them with a hashtag #mymtttrip or #ilovemissiontravel. We are looking forward to seeing your adventures!